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The first foldable smartphone by OnePlus could be larger than you expect


Several companies have introduced their foldable smartphones in the market. Some rumors suggest that OnePlus is soon going to introduce its first foldable smartphone. As per sources, the company might unveil the smartphone this year. Some recent information emerged from Digital Chat Station via Weibo.  

Most people out there anticipated that the foldable smartphone introduced by OnePlus will be a look-alike to Oppo. Well, that may not be the case. Ince the company intends to introduce a book-style foldable. It is believed that it will be larger in contrast to the OPPO Find N2. The source alleges that the smartphone will be equipped with a 2K display. It indicates that the foldable could be the size of a Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Besides this, the source mentions that the company will introduce the foldable smartphone in Q3 2023. Well, these all are just assumptions so nothing can’t be said for sure. It might happen that the company just upscale the resolution and let the rest specs of the smartphone be similar to the Find N2. Anything is possible.

In addition to this, the company is expected to introduce a clamshell foldable smartphone soon. It can be believed that the company introduces both smartphones in 2023. However, the tipster source has not claimed anything about the clamshell foldable model.

Just recently, the company has trademarked two names i.e., OnePlus V Fold and OnePlus V Flip. Such names predict that two different foldable smartphones are going to hit the market. Besides this, Vivo and OPPO which are the sister companies of OnePlus have already introduced their foldable smartphones. It is now time for OnePlus to show what its offerings are.