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Samsung adds another UDC [under-display camera] supplier for Galaxy Z Fold 4

When talking about smartphones, we know that Samsung is the global leader. Moreover, Samsung is referred to as the undoubted king in the foldable smartphone category.

Among the foldable smartphones, Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip lineups, are the best. Consumers can buy these foldable smartphones from anywhere in the world. In line with this custom, Samsung recently launched Galaxy Z Fold 4 this year. It was launched in august 2022. It is similar in perspective of its specs to its predecessors. Similar to other phones in the lineups it also features an under-display front camera.

According to some reports i.e., TheElec, it is evident that another UDC (under-display camera) has been added to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphones. A joint venture between the company and the South Korean firm will provide the camera modules for the latest flagship smartphones. Coasia Optics, based in South Korea has been tied with the supply of camera modules. Previously, Patron was alone responsible for supplying the camera modules.

However, this collaboration between Coasia Optics and Samsung is no new. Coasia Optics, also provided the camera modules for Galaxy A series. This was during the last year when the firm supplied the modules for the camera of Galaxy A series smartphones. Additionally, in 2022 it supplied the 12MP ultrawide camera for the Galaxy A53. It was one of the first rear cameras supplied by Coasia Optics. Whereas the initial orders only reflected the front camera supplies.

Concerning this recent step taken by the company, we can say that Samsung doesn’t want to stick to just one supplier. This is probably due to the crisis generated by of pandemic. Additionally, Coasia Optics is a trustworthy supplier for the company. We can expect a reduction in the costs of smartphone production via this collaboration. As the rising inflation is currently slowing down growth.

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