The Google News Following feed is receiving a great redesign

Users who are interested in the latest news might end up using the Google News app. Users have access to several different topics, sources, and locations in the Google News app. They can personalize their For You feed. As per some recent pieces of information provided by 9to5Google, the Following feed on Google News is all set to receive a redesign.

Reportedly, the new update will help provide users with stories more conveniently and faster. The Google News app combines the news feeds from Chrome and Google Apps in one place. Users have access to news from the topics and sources they most regularly use.

A redesign is coming to the Following feed

The update will provide users with quick and faster access to headlines. Currently, users are presented with content they follow in the Following tab. It consists of three sections. Topics that a user follows are presented in the top section, whereas sources and locations appear in the middle and bottom sections, respectively.

It is quite a simple design, however, the company wants to introduce some more functionality features to this feed. Three of the top news stories from a few of the sources that you follow will be displayed in the feed following the redesign. You’ll see a new carousel showcasing some of the sites you most recently followed at the top of the UI.

Although the feed covers a lot, it misses out on the sources followed by a user. Most of the time, they don’t appear when the feed is opened. Instead, there is a Library button in the carousel that features recent sources. It shows the sources followed by a user. Moreover, the tablet version of the app will be identical, but with a minor change. In the tablet version, four stories will appear instead of three. The latest updates are presented in version 5.86 of the Google News app. The updates are rolling out now.

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