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The iPhone 14 Pro Max Could Be Named iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 14 has been the subject of a surprising new leak. Indeed, according to information from leaker lanzuk, Apple has replaced the name of the Pro Max model with Plus. According to him, the screen size would match that mentioned in previous leaks.

There are certain leaks that we always expect to see when a new smartphone approaches, such as its design, price, or performance. But others are more unexpected, like the one straight from Korea from leaker lanzuk.

According to him, the iPhone 14 series would have a new member: the iPhone 14 Plus. It wouldn’t be a new model in itself, though, as it would replace the iPhone 14 Pro Max. In other words, Apple would have decided to change the name of the premium smartphone for an (in theory) simpler name.

If this leak turns out to be true, it will be the first time an iPhone has been given the Plus name since the iPhone 8 Plus, which, incidentally, is relatively rare among the Cupertino company’s products. In addition, it would question the previous leaks that have reached us regarding the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple could replace the iPhone 14 Pro Max with an iPhone 14 Plus

Indeed, the latter has already been the subject of several leaks, which have taught us, among other things, that the latter would be equipped with a brand new 48-megapixel sensor. From there, there are several options. Either the information about the iPhone 14 Pro Max is incorrect, or it concerns the iPhone 14 Plus. Another option, the latter might as well never exist, the chance that lanzuk is wrong is not negligible.

Indeed, if the leaker has already been right several times, he indeed has some mistakes on the counter. In addition, other insiders have come to contradict Lanzuk’s claim, assuring that an iPhone 14 Pro Max will be present at the launch. In the meantime, the first option seems likely, according to the leaker indicating that the iPhone 14 Plus will get a 6.7-inch display, in line with previous leaks.