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The iPhone 16 may have included a capture button for the following two reasons

Last year, Apple debuted the iPhone 15 series with an Action button. For this year, the company is planning to add another button to the upcoming series. Reportedly, the new button is exclusive to camera. It has been named Capture button. Its addition was recently confirmed via the dummy units of the iPhone 16 series. High-definition models of the iPhone 16 have been produced by Yanko Design, who has also discussed the rationale behind the inclusion of the Capture Button.

For quite some time, Apple stick to the approach of a buttonless and portless phone. However, the recent additions are a total opposite of the previous approach. Furthermore, no other Android device at this time has a button specifically designed to use the camera as an inspiration.

The publication claims that the company is including the Capture button for two possible reasons. The main reason is the lack of differentiation factor between a new iPhone and its predecessor. It is quite obvious that it will be easy to access the camera with the Capture button. But there seems to be no requirement of this button since the proposed functions could be performed by the already existing button. It’s also getting to the point where those who adopt smartphones initially may find the fundamental features of the phone a little puzzling.

According to Yanko Design, the second reason is possibly the focus on camera. Currently, the company is exploring Spatial computing with Vision Pro headset. It is said that, moving forward, the iPhone will occupy “second place,” exactly like the iPod did twelve years ago. Rumor has claimed that Apple is developing a low-cost headgear that will simplify users’ experiences with the company’s spatial computing. In the interim, the iPhone might turn into a dedicated camera device.

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