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If Apple can’t solve this major challenge, it may give up on making foldable iPads

For quite some time now, we have been hearing about a foldable iPad. According to some recent pieces of information, it appears like the company might abandon this project. Well, the main reason is potentially a major obstacle related to a foldable phone. Reportedly, Apple is looking into making foldable iPads, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman who shared the details in his Power On newsletter. The reporter notes that the phone manufacturer still hasn’t come up with a method for making foldable screens without a crease.

According to Gurman’s sources, if the company fails to deliver a crease-free experience, the plan for a foldable iPad could be abandoned. The reporter pointed out that Apple still had time to fix this issue. In addition to this, a Korean news source recently revealed that Apple could debut its foldable devices in the first half of 2027. The same source mentioned that Apple was facing challenges with a crease-free foldable screen.

The recent foldable phones in the market including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Google Pixel Fold have display creases. Though, the crease is getting smaller and smaller with time. OnePlus Open features a very shallow crease. From this aspect, we can expect the arrival of a crease-free foldable screen in the upcoming years.

We’re also interested to see if Apple can solve some of the other issues with the current generation of foldable phones, such the folding screens’ poor feel and lack of dust resistance.

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