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The latest update by Google Chrome allow snoozing the unused tabs

Do you know that the open tabs on your Google Chrome consume a lot of memory?

And do you wish to find a handy solution for unused tabs on your browser?

Just don’t worry Google is currently working on the development of one such tool that will enable users to snooze the tabs that are unused.

One of the most commonly used web browsers in the world is undoubtedly Google Chrome. Not only that Google Chrome is easy to use, but also the resource-hogging capability makes it popular. Over the years, continuous updates and developments have been made to retain the platform’s worthwhile of its use. In addition to this, new improvements, as well as a reduction in memory consumption, were also considered.

Just another option that will help with reduction in memory consumption is on its way to release. This feature will be available in the future in Google Chrome. Currently, Google is working on developing some new tools. These tools are developed to allow users to snooze unused tabs in the browser. Thus, freeing up the resources of the system for other purposes.

One important thing to consider here is that open tabs on Google Chrome consume a lot of systems memory. The new feature update will render the tabs as snooze. You will have their access when you need to. But when the tabs will not be in use, they will be in sleep mode.

As soon as a user opens the snoozed tab, the tab will un-snooze itself. Thus, allowing the users to move between the tabs while working and avoiding the hassle of closing and reloading the tabs. The closing and reloading of the tabs require more data as well as resources. It is comparatively expensive when your browse using mobile data.

The new update is a nice addition to Chromebooks that have limited power and some older PCs. As reported by a user who found a new Performance page in the Settings of Chrome Canary build. It showed two toggles i.e., Energy Saver Mode and Memory Saver. Memory Saver toggle when turned on showed a card indicating how much RAM was saved when you revisit the inactive tabs.

Moreover, you can choose and select the website to be snoozed based on your preferences. The Energy Saver mode extends the battery life of your device by disabling the high refresh rate and some visual effects as well as limiting the background processes.

Though, the new features seem quite interesting but we are not yet sure when they will make their official appearance.