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The Most Common Reasons for Data Loss

Data loss is a serious issue for businesses of all sizes. By accidentally deleting files or facing causes when data disappears due to hardware issues, businesses can lose vital data for their projects and clients. There are many reasons for data loss. It may be a human error or a software/hardware issue that can negatively impact your company’s files’ health. 

The good news is that some data loss is fully recoverable. Provided that you ask for the professional help of IT professionals, you can get music files recovered after OS is installed, recover files that you deleted by accident, restore valuable pieces of information that were stored on your computer’s hardware, etc. You can minimize the risk of losing important files when you are informed about the main causes of data loss. 

Common Causes of Data Loss

Awareness of the causes of data loss is vital for preventing data loss, which can be a major cost for small businesses and big corporations. 

  • Human Error. We all make mistakes. Such mistakes can cause big losses of data and money for companies. Employees can unintentionally delete information or overwrite important files. Human error can become a major reason for data loss, including hard drive formatting, hard drive damage, etc. 
  • Computer theft. A growing number of people have started working remotely. It means we use laptops and tablets more often than PCs for work and other purposes. Laptop theft can happen anywhere if the device is left unattended. 
  • Malware and viruses can steal and delete loads of data, which can significantly destroy the company’s functionality. Our computers can get viruses from emails and phishing attacks resulting from an employee clicking on an unreliable link. 
  • Hard drive damage. Most of the data losses occur as a result of hardware malfunctions. Hard drives are the most fragile parts of computers. 60% of hard drive crashes occur due to mechanical issues, and 40% are caused by human error. Computer overheating is another common cause of hard drive damage. 
  • Software corruption. Unexpected software shutdowns can cause big troubles for your data. These can corrupt your files or delete your progress. Corrupted software may not be able to run again, meaning that you can potentially lose access to your data in this software.

These are several major data loss causes that companies and individuals should know about. In case the worse scenario happens and your precious files are deleted or lost, you can always rely on IT professionals who can help you restore all files in the shortest time.

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