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YouTube To Add Marketplace Soon For Streaming Services

The video platform YouTube will soon have a new marketplace for streaming services. Here, various providers have the option of making their content available for a fee. In the fall, the online shop could see the light of day. An article in Wall Street Journal YouTube has been working on a new online store for streaming services for at least 18 months. The planned store wants to bundle several providers on one platform. Here streaming services have the opportunity to offer their series and movies.

The content can then be purchased for a fee. The store should also include free trailers of the respective series and movies, which can then be viewed directly through the YouTube app or website.

YouTube users in the United States already have the option to watch more than 85 television channels via the platform. The offer is available as part of YouTube TV and costs about $65 per month. In addition to the live program, the service also includes functions for recording, forwarding, and rewinding the broadcasts. While the service already offered competes with cable providers, the new service will target a variety of streaming content.

Service could start in the fall of 2022

While YouTube hasn’t officially announced the project yet, current information indicates that the online store will be available this fall. At this point, the group needs to network with the providers and conduct negotiations. The amount of the commission that the streaming services have to pay to YouTube for marketing is unclear. It can be assumed that the service will first be tested in the US. It also remains to be seen when the store will also be offered in this country.

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