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The Premiere Projector by Samsung offers 8K resolution and a 150-inch projection

Samsung 4K Projector

UST stands for Ultra Short Throw. Samsung has reportedly used its tech in its projectors. In 2020, Samsung introduced The Premier 4K UST projector. As of now, Samsung has launched an advanced version of it. This is knowingly The Premiere 8K UST projector. In contrast to the standard projectors, UST projectors are capable of showing a large image from a very short distance from the wall.

As depicted by the name the device offers 8K resolution. Thus, making the device on the list of those few devices in the market that are capable of projecting the content at that resolution. One thing to note here is that it is not the first and foremost 8K projector in the market. However, another attribute of the projector i.e., 150-inch projection makes it unique. Given the audio perspective, the projector is based on built-in speakers with Dolby Atmos. Similar to smart TV products by Samsung, The 8K projector is established on Tizen OS. It points out that the projector can function with all smart features such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Health, SmartThings, Bixby, AirPlay, Tap View, Samsung Gaming Hub, Q-Symphony, and others.  

Aside from these details, the tech giant has not uncovered anything else. So, we are not aware of the price and availability of the projector. However, the audio and video products declared by Samsung during the CES events usually make it to the market somewhere around summer or spring.so, we can anticipate that The premier 8K arrives in the market by Q2 2023.

Having said this, we can still evaluate the price for the upcoming Premier 8K projector. As we know The Premier 4K 130-inch projector was available for $6,499. The latest version is advanced. So, we can expect it to be more expensive. But if we look at other 8K projectors in the market, we will figure out that they are priced at around $11000. So, Samsung could also go for a somewhat similar price tag.