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Samsung Launches 4K Projector To Turn Your Home Into A Powerful Cinema

Samsung 4K Projector

Some people want a home cinema that is as well-equipped as possible and so that the whole thing actually does justice to the word cinema, one needs the largest possible display. Samsung now has a projector called The Premiere on offer. And it has it all.

Home cinema projectors are indeed superior to conventional televisions for many, but some interested parties are afraid to get a projector. This is mainly because most believe that projectors are cumbersome to install, take up space, and also need to be suspended from the ceiling. Samsung’s new laser projector The Premiere addresses

all of these points: This is a device that is set up in the immediate vicinity of the screen, more precisely in front of or below it, such devices are called “Ultra-short Throw Projectors”. The Premiere was first unveiled at the beginning of September, but the Korean giant has now published further information and prices at PC Gamer.

It Could Be Closer To Produce Best Results

According to Samsung, the laser projector has to be just 11.3 centimeters away from the wall, the maximum possible image depends on the model, with the LSP7T between 100 and 120 inches are possible, with the LSP9T it is even up to 130 inches. Samsung sums up installation and use as follows: “The days of installing complex, unaesthetic components in rooms are drawing to a close.” The triple laser system of the two The Premiere variants creates 4K resolution, the maximum brightness (with the LSP9T) is 2800 ANSI lumens. According to Samsung, this is enough to be able to watch TV even in broad daylight. According to the manufacturer, the projector is also the first projector to be certified for HDR10 +. With regard to the image quality, Samsung states that 147 percent of the DCI-P3 color space is covered, in the case of BT.2020 it is 106 percent.

The whole thing has its price, of course, but it is comparatively low or, better said, quite acceptable for this size. Because the LSP7T costs 3500 dollars, the LSP9T is available for 6500 dollars. LCD devices are available for 1900 dollars, but this is the end of the line at 86 inches.

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