The scrolling experience on Chrome for Android is about to improve

The tech giant behind Android and Chrome is Google. For this reason, users might consider that Chrome’s experience on Android should be smooth and streamlined. Well, this is not the case with Android. However, Chrome on iOS is far better when it comes to scrolling. But as per some recent pieces of information, the company is going to improve the scrolling on Chrome for Android.

It could be surprising for some users, but a few Google-owned apps run better on iOS than on Android. Besides this, the company rolls out new features and updates to the iOS version of apps as compared to the Android version. Similarly, the Chrome experience on iOS is smooth and streamlined as compared to the Android version. The prime reason behind this could be that Chrome for Android is operational on several models of devices. In such a situation, keeping up with optimization and performance is a difficult task.

Google is introducing a new API for Chrome for Android

The scrolling experience of a user depends on the smartphone. Google isn’t able to be as versatile as it would like to be because it is designed to run on a variety of phone models. Google will instead roll out a new nanosecond API, claims Android Police.

Generally, the inputs in Chrome are sampled on a millisecond scale. Such a strategy has been successful over the past few years. However, the introduction of a high refresh rate creates some problems for it. For this reason, Chrome now samples inputs at nanosecond intervals to keep up with the high refresh rates. It will possibly help with a smooth scrolling experience.

The company’s blog post indicates that recent changes will make scrolling twice as smooth as previously. The company will roll out the new API with Chrome version 116. It will reach users pretty soon. Given the fact that Chrome receives monthly updates, the new API could arrive at some point in September if not the current month.

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