A Material You revamp is coming to Google Calendar’s widgets

Right now, we all have an idea about the Material You makeover by Google. In the past months, the tech giant Google has redesigned several first-party apps with Material You redesign. Now, the company is going to introduce the Material You redesign to Google Calendar. As per the information provided by 9to5Google, the widgets of the app are going to receive the Material You redesign.

One thing to notice here is that the change will be applied to the widgets and not the whole app. Currently, there is no information on whether Google will redesign the complete app or not. However, it appears so since the widgets are getting a redesign.

Google Calendar’s widgets will receive Material You redesign

The new redesign consists of both obvious and slight changes. The most noticeable change is associated with colors. Google has been improving its apps to better match the Dynamic Color of your system over the past few years. In the past, the widgets featured a white or dark background and the list widgets showed a lighter grey bar at the top that showed the name of the month.

Given the new changes, the background will now align with the color scheme of the system. The bar housing the month will disappear, and the entire background will alter. The month will now simply sit in the background. In addition to these changes, list widgets have also changed. The small widgets now present larger text. Now the name of the month disappears, and the name of the day appears. The Add Event button is now bigger. It is enclosed in a rounded square button.

Some similar changes have been introduced to larger widgets. However, the changes are minor. One of the notable changes is the Add Event button. There aren’t many changes when we switch to the month widget. The Add Event button has been made larger and placed to the right of the arrows. The backdrop will change to match your theme. The company is rolling out the changes via a server-side update.

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