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The Substitute Phone May Help to Reduce Smartphone Addiction

Are you a smartphone addict? Or bothered by your habit of constantly playing with your mobile, Klemens Schillinger—an Austrian designer has in a way offered a solution for all such phone addicts by creating a phone called the Substitute Phone to help the phone addicts to manage without it in its absence.

Schillinger while talking to Denzeen said that people are more and more getting addicted to their smartphones in daily lives. He said that users are constantly occupied with their smart devices even when they are not attending calls or messaging, they play with it. This behavior leads him towards him designing this tool that would help people to stop this “checking” behavior.

He has created five facsimile phones, made of polyoxymethylene plastic in black color with stone beads implanted on the surface, which enables the users to replicate the functions like scrolling, swiping or pinching. The objective is to provide a coping mechanism to people who want to control their habit of checking phone less.

This type of plastic is comparatively heavy, thus replicating even the weight of any common smartphone. Making the creation more appealing and convincing to the users.

The Substitute Phone is not available for sale currently, however his website reports that his shop is soon to be opened. These phones were featured in an exhibition earlier this fall for the Vienna Design Week.

This is Schillinger’s second project targeted at encouraging people to use less of their cellular devices.

Such creations are much needed in this technological advancing era. It is not talked much but this technological overtake has affected people in many ways, and sometimes even for worse.

Cellular addiction is causing people to drift away from each other, focusing solely on these devices for interactions, entertainment, and connectivity.

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  1. I feel sorry for people who actually need these devices to cope with their “addiction.” PUT DOWN YOUR DAMN PHONE AND TALK TO PEOPLE!

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