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The Three Essentials For Your Wellness Center at Home

Do you want to be able to truly relax once you’re home? We fully understand this. An amazing way to do this is by building a small wellness center into your house. Of course, this is easier said than done, but you really don’t need to go big to be able to relax. In this blog, we’ll give you the three essentials. Get inspired!

  1. Jacuzzi

Do you want to relax, but do you also want to be able to do something else? Placing a jacuzzi in your garden is a great idea. If you have an open spot in your garden with a roof, you’re even able to enjoy this during the winter. Here you can place a television, which enables you to enjoy the benefits of a slight massage in hot water while watching your favorite television programs.

  • Sauna

If you want to focus on your body and your body only, a sauna is a great way of doing this. Saunas are very healthy, as they make you sweat, cleaning your body. There are a wide variety of different saunas. The steam saunas are the most popular ones, but because some people struggle to breathe in these, there are also tons of great options that don’t involve any steam. Just like a jacuzzi, a sauna can be placed anywhere in your house or garden and can be enjoyed every season of the year.

  • Ice tub

Where the first two options were designed to make your body warm, this third one does the exact opposite. To enjoy your body, you have to be able to fully control it. Ice tubs rely on exactly this: these baths are very cold and seem like they can’t be enjoyed, but because you have total control over your body, you are actually able to enjoy them. Ice tubs are very healthy for your body, as they help you to fully relax your muscles and vessels.

Make sure to combine!

These three options all can be listed as essentials because it’s the combination of the three that make for great success. Switching from the hot sauna to an ice bath does amazing things to your body. Doing this once a week can already have great effects on your body, so we definitely recommend doing so!

Alice Walker

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