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The UK is considering some amendments to its Investigatory Powers Act (2016)

Some major changes are on their way to the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) 2016 of the United Kingdom. As per the recent pieces of information, in an attempt to “protect the public from perpetrators, child sex abusers, and terrorists,” the reforms would oblige messaging firms to turn off their security protections at the request of law enforcement.

Apple is not happy with the modifications and so is not WhatsApp and Signal

Apple vowed to stop supporting iMessage and FaceTime in the UK if the updated legislation is passed. The company is concerned that the new modifications would jeopardize data security and information privacy. Besides Apple, WhatsApp and Signal are also against the new modifications.

One of the Online Safety Bill provisions demands that services install an alternative to end-to-end encryption. Both WhatsApp and Signal have vehemently opposed it. Signal reportedly threatened to “walk” away from the United Kingdom. The modifications propose a solution for encrypted messages that made them no longer encrypted.

If the Act is passed, messaging platforms would be required to notify the Home Office of any modifications to product safety features before they are issued. Non-UK companies would have to submit an application for the alteration to their product worldwide and take action right away, rather than having to navigate complicated administrative procedures. These ideas “constitute a serious and direct threat” to persons living outside the UK, according to Apple.

Analysts anticipate that IT corporations are unlikely to approve the proposed revisions to the Investigatory Powers Act, which are currently the subject of an eight-week consultation process.

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