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The Windows 11 gaming bug has been cured, but not for everyone.

The newest versions of software are fun to experience until they have a bug that could affect your gaming performance. The latest version of Windows 11 contains many bugs that can impact the performance of gaming on your devices. To prevent the problem from manifesting, the 22H2 update was blocked. The block has been lifted slightly as a result of the update.

Window’s 11 22H2 bug slowed the performance of the device with some games and many other software applications, including shuttering frame rates, (“a seriously off putting phenomenon”) that was due to GPU debugging use on infected devices.

As observed by Neowin, Microsoft hasn’t really fixed the bug, but they have just added a new popup to its dashboard that says; “The hold with the safeguard ID of 41990091 has been updated to only safeguard Windows devices containing the small subset of games and apps that are still affected by this issue.”

This concludes that all the blocked users of Windows 11 are able to download the 22H2 update, and the only people whose devices contain programmes that are open to bugs are being prevented from downloading the latest version.

The unlucky ones just have to wait patiently—but for how long?

The conclusion of all that is that the people who are still being prevented from upgrading are able to grab the latest version. The update will not be available right away, but it can take a whole day to lift the block so you can offer the 22H2 update.

As updated by Microsoft, the version is now available for everyone who is at the point of grabbing the update. However, if you are still unable to grab the opportunity, you need to reboot your device, unless you are one of the unlucky people who are still being prevented by a bug.

In that scenario, you have to keep on using the older version until Microsoft fully resolves this issue. However, we cannot really predict the time it would take.

Before this case, there were some printing bugs introduced that took two months to get resolved. This time we really can’t estimate the complexity of the bug.

Well, its quite a frustration not being able to update to the latest version. However, you should not attempt to resolve multiple issues without proper knowledge, as this can be harmful to your device.

It is reasonable to advise people not to use the version on the day it is released. As it can cause a handful of problems for your device. Bugs introduced by the latest version may affect early adopters of the version. You just need to give it some time, and during that time, keep up with tech news and headlines to stay informed about issues that arise with the latest versions.

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