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Stream audio on your Windows 11 PC through your Galaxy Phone

If we say that Samsung is way ahead of its competitor smartphone OEMs in terms of software collaborations, this won’t be wrong. The software collaborations are made with platform developers like Google or Microsoft. Previously, Samsung has received precedence treatment from two big tech companies i.e., Google and Microsoft. The collaboration with Google was to work out for Android as well as Wear OS, where a partnership with Microsoft was aimed at improvements to Windows. As of now considering the expansion of its partnership with Samsung, Microsoft is aiming to bring two innovative cool features to Windows 11.

The phone link app of Windows 11 will allow the users to stream music from their Galaxy smartphone to their Windows 11 PC or laptop. This sounds similar to AirPlay or Spotify Connect. The latest version of the Phone Link app is granting access to the latest feature to certain users, in particular the ones having the latest version of the Phone Link app. Given this feature, users can stream the audio playing on a Galaxy smartphone straight to a Windows computer wirelessly. As of now, we are unsure what technology is utilized for this feature, either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The second notable feature that Microsoft is aiming to introduce to Windows 11 is the capability to keep on browsing the webpages from their Galaxy phone to their Windows computer. The Internet web browsing history from the Samsung phone will be accessed on a Windows PC. This can be done by enabling the Continuity Browser History feature on the Phone Link app. This indicates that users can switch between their Galaxy smartphone and Windows 11 computer and still continue browsing the web pages from where they left off.

Though, the new features will be introduced to other smartphones as well. But currently, the features are limited to Samsung smartphones only. This particularly refers to the uniqueness of One UI, which is better compared to other Android OEM software. The company also holds some other continuity features as well as a network of apps that make it to using Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy smartwatches, and Galaxy laptops a waft.

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