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Theater about Drillisch DSL: 1&1 customers can’t switch so easily

Since December, 1&1 has also been offering DSL contracts for new customers through Drillisch’s various mobile phone brands. Previously, you had to be a mobile customer to book a DSL rate. That is not the case, but it seems that not just anyone can book Drillisch DSL. The new DSL offer at Drillisch is mainly one thing: Cheap, clear, without catches – or so it seemed. When we reported a few weeks ago that Drillisch and 1&1 continued to grow along with the new DSL offering, it was unpredictable how existing 1&1 DSL customers would be treated by their provider if they switched to Drillisch DSL. Example of the new Drillisch DSL rates from PremiumSIM 1&1 customers are currently complaining in the relevant forums and on social networks that they cannot switch to Drillisch and that their questions are not being answered. For example, it should be the case that when you book with Drillisch, you can’t even enter that you currently have a DSL contract with 1&1. In fact, there is currently neither 1&1 GmbH nor United Internet to choose from. That’s what it’s for now Teltarif Online Online Magazine investigated.

Customers who want to switch will be ignored

According to the Teltarif report, customers who wanted to switch from 1&1 to Drillisch due to the lower rates or asked for an equally good price at 1&1 did not receive a response from support. The whole thing has a big caveat: the rates of Drillisch DSL – as you can also read on the offer pages – are not carried out by Drillisch, but directly by 1&1 GmbH as contract partner. So Teltarif asked, “In general, we wanted to know why questions from 1&1 and Drillisch customers are not answered and why it is not possible to enter 1&1 DSL as the previous provider when registering for Drillisch DSL.” A spokesperson for 1&1 explains: “The Drillisch DSL tariff is a product of 1&1. This is also explained to the customer during the ordering process. The facts presented are therefore not a question of changing provider.” This may be legally correct, so the legal regulations about switching providers, changing deadlines and transferring for free do not apply.

Important legal changes

Teltarif, however, found something interesting. “Given the new TKG regulations that have been in force since December, the alarm bells should also start ringing at 1&1-Drillisch. Because if the provider claims that Drillisch DSL is a 1&1 product, then precisely these Drillisch rates paid by 1&1 customers in the customer center must be offered as a cheaper alternative by law. If this offer is not made, there is a risk of 1&1-Drillisch violating applicable laws,” the report said. So it should be interesting to see what consumer protection says about this issue. Customers who try to change and fail to order , should contact the Federal Consumers’ Association accordingly with a: file a complaint. DSL at WinSIM DSL at PremiumSIM DSL at SIM.de DSL at Smartmobil.de Great internet comparison calculator Our journalistic integrity is important to us! We therefore point out that this article may contain affiliate links. Clicking on it will take you directly to the provider. If you decide to make a purchase there, we receive a small commission to support our work. The price will not change for you. Logo, 1&1, 1und1, one and one