There will be no ads on Facebook and Instagram, but there will be a price

Ads and the internet go hand in hand. There is not one major platform that might be free from ads. Ads are quite annoying, and all users wish to skip them. Recently, X introduced the new X Premium+ tier, which is ad-free but comes with a price tag of $16 along with some added features. Similarly, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram show several ads across the feed. However, some recent pieces of information suggest that Instagram and Facebook will be ad-free in the future. But there is a catch to this.

Facebook and Instagram could offer an ad-free subscription service

As expected, the ad-free plan won’t be obviously free. Reportedly, Meta is currently testing a new subscription plan for both platforms. The new subscription service is currently only accessible to users in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. Unfortunately, it is not available to US users. Users residing in the above-mentioned regions can sign up for the new subscription service starting next month.

The new subscription plan costs €9.99/month on the web, whereas the Android or iOS app costs €12.99/month. The reason for the price discrepancy is that companies are charged a fee by both Google and Apple for each transaction in their stores. Another thing to notice here is that from March 2024 onwards, you will have to pay €6.99 a month to make any extra accounts ad-free.

When will it roll out to other markets?

It is a common practice for companies to offer a service in certain regions before debuting it on a global level. Well, in this case, Meta is doing so because of the EU’s data privacy regulations. So, there is a chance that the service might only be restricted to the above-mentioned regions. It is pretty much the same as TikTok’s chronological feed. Although several users await this change, it might only result from the strict EU regulations. The company claimed that it supports the idea of an ad-supported internet. So, there is a little hope that it might be introduced to other markets.

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