X launched two latest premium subscription tiers

Prior to this, X was available in two flavors: “Free Berry” and “Premium Punch.” The platform has only had those two tiers up to this point, but the firm has since introduced two more X Premium tiers.

We are all aware of the benefits that come with the base X Premium tier. You get fewer advertisements, longer posts, an algorithmic boost to replies, and more for $8 each month. Elon Musk has been directing all of the beneficial updates and new features through it, displacing all of the free users in the process.

X now offers two additional premium tiers

X introduced two new payment tiers to provide customers with more options for their plans. They are priced opposite of the basic X premium plan. Thus, one is more costly, and the other is less.

First, let’s start with the less expensive option, which is $3 per month and is referred to as the basic plan. This is the most diet-friendly flavor of the plans, as you might anticipate. You get most of the benefits of the regular $8/month tier.

However, you won’t receive the crucial verification badge, fewer advertisements, or Media Studio access, and the algorithmic boost to your posts and replies will be minimal. That last bit is a little disappointing because you didn’t really get much of a boost from the ordinary plan. Thus, it’s unlikely that a further decrease will be felt at all.

Next, let’s talk about the most feature-rich tier: X Premium+, the priciest package. At $16 per month, this plan doubles the value of the basic one.

You receive certain noteworthy benefits with X Premium+ over the other programs. You receive the most boost for posts and replies, the absence of any advertisements, and complete access to the creator tools with it. That’s all there is to it. Is that worth twice as much as the standard X Premium? You must make that decision.

You can sign up for these payment tiers right now, but they’re exclusive to the web version of X. We’re not sure if you’ll want to use the app to sign up because it will increase the fee.

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