There will soon be physical locations where you can Netflix and unwind

There are several users who love to immerse themselves in the real-world feelings of their favorite Netflix shows. Well, get ready, because something interesting is just on its way for Netflix fans.

In an odd turn of events, Netflix intends to build retail locations around the US where fans can consume themed food, purchase TV products from well-known Netflix shows, and perhaps even participate in an obstacle course modeled by the Squid Game. Imagine Disneyland, except more spread out and smaller.

According to Josh Simom, Netflix’s VP of Consumer Products, these shops will be called “Netflix House.” In the US, the opening of the first two sites is anticipated for 2025. Additionally, Netflix intends to grow its global footprint. That’s a hefty task for the streaming service, which has recently seen a lackluster increase in revenue.

For the past few years, Netflix has been conducting different pop-up experiences. One such occasion, The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience, was a tour-de-force of the well-known Shondaland period play that visited ten cities in the US and Canada. We’ve observed how much fans like getting lost in the worlds of our films and television programs, so we’ve been considering how to take that to the next level,” Simon remarked in an interview.

Netflix House will feature high-end dining establishments as well as popular series with ticketed performances. Netflix House will likely debut in significant US cities initially, though the firm is still looking into suitable sites.

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