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These 18 apps contain malware and steal data: delete them immediately

OwnMe malware

If you have any of these apps installed, you can now eliminate them, because they contain malicious software and are stealing your data.

A new group study SecneurX echoed by the companions of PhoneArena has revealed that despite Google’s efforts to clean Play Store some applications with malware continue to appear sometimes very difficult to detect and that always pass for absolutely harmless apps.

Not surprisingly, they have been identified 18 new apps with embedded malware that have tens of thousands of downloads, thus charging quite a lot of victims before being detected and removed completely, both from the repositories and from the affected smartphones. The malware returns to attack Android, now from a bunch of apparently harmless apps.

Infections caused by Hydra and Joker are two of the most famous and feared Android malware, which as you will see and unfortunately they keep reappearing periodically well disguised with new and different skins that make it difficult to identify. But don’t worry because now we review all these infected apps although obviously so that you can be safe if you have any installed, We strongly encourage you to review the list very carefully. and proceed immediately to delete it completely if you have any installed. If you have this app on your mobile you should delete it as soon as possible: it can steal your Facebook account

These are the 18 apps that contain malware

All of them have already been reported, both by the SecneurX group by the IT agency D3Lab and also by Kaspersky’s Igor Golovin and Tatyana Shishkova, so It is likely that in the next few hours they will disappear from Google Play immediately and transparently so that no one else falls into the trap. The problem is that no matter how much Google removes them from the app store, people who have already downloaded them are in danger because they must delete them manually by accessing the “applications” menu and proceeding to uninstall them.

Remember that this type of malware is quite dangerous and can steal confidential data such as passwords, credit card details, phone numbers and email addresses from our agendas, among others…

The apps will automatically disappear from Google Play but not from your phones, so check and remove them as soon as possible if you have any installed. It can steal your data!

Furthermore, above all, we once again remind you that you must be careful with the applications that you download outside of Google Play and it is that despite the fact that many of these apps are not even published in the native Android store, yes are available in third-party repositories and even on recognized platforms such as Aptoide or Huawei AppGallery, among others.

As always, the best antivirus will be you and your common sense so before downloading an app make sure you read its sources and developer data, also that the descriptions and screenshots match, and finally that the reviews in the store in question are good and reliable. Android Security Guide: make your mobile as secure as possible.