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This Is How To Use Nearby Share PC To Android On Windows 10

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The feature of Nearby Share allows you to transfer files between Android and PC. Unlike Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can open large files by using Wi-Fi and smaller files via mobile data. If you are unsure of how to transfer a file between your PC and Android, follow these steps. To start, bring your devices closer to each other. Turn off Airplane mode and wait until your device isn’t sharing any other content.

This is How To Use Nearby Share PC To Android

Next, open the Nearby Share application and start the process of sharing files. To do this, first turn on the WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC on your PC. Once you have enabled all of these, click the “Next” button. When the app finishes, it will ask you to accept the transfer of the file or apps. Once you accept the transfer, you can view the files that have been sent to your PC.

If you are sharing sensitive files, make sure that you enable location and Bluetooth on your PC. Next, open an app that allows you to share files with the recipient. You can choose to send files from your PC to Android or vice versa. Once your file has been transferred, you will need to select a recipient device. Then, tap the “Share” button to send the file. If you choose to send the file to your PC, the transfer will be instantly completed. You can also transfer files from Android to Chromebooks.

Once you’ve chosen a device to share with, launch the Nearby Share app on that device. The app will scan nearby devices for compatible devices. Once you’ve done so, simply select the person or contact you’d like to share it with. If you are sharing a large file, you can use NearbyShare to do so without using your phone’s data. Depending on the size of your file, you might be limited to a few seconds, but the other person will be notified right away.

To use the feature, you must have Bluetooth and location services enabled on both PCs. Then, you need to open the file you want to share on the other device. You can tap the file to transfer it to the other device. Once the transfer is complete, you can tap the “Accept” button on the receiver’s phone. Once the transfer is complete, the files will be shared on both PCs.

Once you’ve connected the two devices, you’ll need to enable Nearby Share to share files and photos. Then, you need to enable Bluetooth on your computer. Then, select the contacts you want to share the file with. Then, you can select the device where you want to send the file from. After you’ve paired the devices, you can choose whether to allow the transfer. Once the transfer is complete, you can then click “OK.

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