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This malware pretends to be an imposter app stealing users’ data

The latest malware discovered by CloudSEK ought to be acting as a legitimate app for a well-known company to steal users’ data. The sources of spread for this malware are GitHub and messaging apps.

The detected malware, named “DogeRAT”, is working by getting it installed by users as an app on their devices. As it can grab easy access to information like contacts and banking credentials, along with messages on your device. This malware will use the infected device to send payments and spam.

As the app is acting as an imposter, it can’t be reached through the Play Store. But there are some other resources, like distributing APK files through social platforms like Telegram and other social media platforms. The app is being spread through famous platforms like Netflix and YouTube, along with many other popular platforms.

DogeRAT acts as an imposter app to take over the user’s device

The imposter app is presented pretty much like any other app available on your device. A premium version of the app is being offered for $30. The app provides various features like a keylogger tool, image and gallery access, and taking screenshots when the premium version is subscribed.

This app is widely spreading on social platforms. It provides various video tutorials and app-using tools for users on its GitHub page.

However, it is uncertain how many devices are affected. Users run the danger of installing DogeRAT if they typically download their apps through Telegram channels or download websites. Always keep in mind that this virus masquerades as legitimate software; many users can’t even tell the difference between it and the real app.

Security experts advise consumers to avoid third-party sources and only download programs from Google Play. Naturally, you should exercise caution while downloading programs from Google Play because malicious code can still be uploaded to these apps by attackers. When you want to download an app, consider its reliability.

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