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Nothing is working on its latest device; speaker, that looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before

Nothing has been really active recently and has quite a variety of amazing products under its roof. But it hasn’t stopped here; the company is proceeding to launch new and amazing products into the market. Currently, the company is working on the release of its latest speaker. As per leaked information via Kuba Wojiciechowski (via 91Mobile), it has confirmed the rumour that the company is preparing to launch a speaker.

Last year, we heard that the company was launching four of its latest products. Since we got this news, the company has launched three products: Nothing Ear (a stick), Nothing Phone 1, and has provided information about the third product Nothing 2. So, we need one more device to complete that count of four.

What a nothing speaker will be like

We have gained this information via leak news, so we can’t be that sure of these features. Via this leak, we have a rough idea of what the company is working on. This device’s outer look is quite interesting.

It’s a little challenging to imagine the device’s appearance because we only see it from one viewpoint. We can make out what appears to be a translucent grip on top of the speaker. Is there anything out there that has transparent parts? No!. Due to its attachment to the bottom rubber feet, the transparent portion gives the impression that it encloses the entire apparatus.

On the gadget, there are a total of six buttons: two on the right and four on the left. These will undoubtedly be the buttons for power, volume, play/pause, track navigation, etc. Red is present on one of the buttons. We don’t know why; it might be the power or play/pause buttons. To find out, we’ll have to take a look at the speaker.

On to the speaker setup now. For the drivers, this setup is undoubtedly interesting. The speaker is divided into two halves, each with two drivers. The top part is smaller and features two drivers, one on each side, who are identical.

Two much bigger drivers, which are not the same, are seen on the bottom part. One is a perfect circle on the left, and the other is an oval that is vertical. Most likely, the tweeters are in the upper speakers, and the woofers are in the bottom.

This speaker has one interesting quality. We can make out one component at the upper centre (it’s slightly off to the left), but we’re not sure what it’s supposed to be. The Nothing logo’s first three letters are seen in it. Moreover, it appears to reflect light similarly to how a lens would. Perhaps this speaker will have some other features. It’s impossible to say at this moment.

Although the source claims that this speaker may be released soon, we are unsure of the exact release date.

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