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As announced today, Threads is all set to launch its latest feature on the platform. The latest ‘Edit’ feature will allow users to edit thread posts. Besides the editing feature, Voice post will also be available on iOS as well as Android. Although the voice thread feature isn’t live yet, the editing feature is available on the platform. You might need to restart the app if you can’t see the feature on your device.

‘Edit’ feature, as the name suggests, will allow you to edit your thread post like the editing feature available on Twitter. After posting a thread, you can tap on the three dot options on the right corner of the post, and it’ll display the edit option. Although you’ll only be able to edit your thread’s post within 5 minutes,

However, Threads has adopted a different strategy for edited threads. When you click on the three dots next to the post, you will notice an indicator that resembles a pen drawing a circle, which indicates that this post has been updated rather than allowing you to view earlier iterations of the same Thread. The end of that There was no option to view the original thread. Though intriguing, it’s probably the best option.

Iterative feature rollouts are still being made by Threads

Since the debut of Threads in July, Meta has kept adding new functionality to the platform. When it finally took off, there was a lot that was lacking. And there still is, in fact. For instance, posts could not be found via search; only users could.

However, it’s a little unexpected to see the Edit button appear so quickly. It should have been a little lower on Threads’ list of features to include. Because it was revealed on Threads by the Threads engineers themselves, we do know that they are working on a new Trending Topics page. Although, all these features are server-side rollout.

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