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Tickets Would Be Refunded After A Disappointing Pokemon Go Festival In Chicago

Pokémon Go Festival in Chicago was attended by 20,000 people but it was a total mishap. There were technical faults due to which the fans were not able to catch anything, thus the management has decided to refund the tickets. The totally frustrated and upset fans would be given $100 as compensation in form of Poke coins, the app’s in-game currency.

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On Saturday the event was held with the aim to bring the unique monsters that fans have to catch in the popular app but the event encountered complete technical faults. Fans were disappointed as they shouted to fix their games and they can’t play. Even a bottle was thrown at the presenter which missed the target.
The App Pokémon Go was released in last summer and since then it has been a huge hit. It was downloaded more than 750 million times making an investment of $1bn. The players in the game move in the real world to find monsters hidden in various places.

In the event in Chicago’s Grant Park, the fans were anticipating to find monsters and some species that are not found anywhere else. Tickets for the event were sold in just 10 minutes of the start of the sale. After all the hype and excitement the event was a flop with too many bugs as admitted by Niantic. The firm’s chief marketing officer Mike Quigley admitted that it was not the day they had imagined but the patience of people and officers is hugely appreciated.

There were not just technical issues but also the long lines due to which people were not able to get to the event before three, four hours.
One of the fans tweeted that it was the first time he had doing anything and there were other angry fans as well.

The dejected crowd was cheered in the end by an announcement that they would all get a Lugia. Lugia is a Pokémon that was not in the game before. This did cheer the crowd a bit after a stressful day.

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