To address the problem with AI-generated music, YouTube is collaborating with music labels

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AI has its own pros and cons. With the advancements in AI, it is critically important to cater to the rising concerns and issues. The existence of AI-generated music must be accepted by composers and musicians. When it comes to YouTube handling AI-generated music, the copyright aspect is the main concern.

Users can freely generate content with the help of AI. The content is concealed given the fact that there are no regulations imposed on AI music by the government. This entails imitating well-known artists’ voices with AI-generated voices. The proper way to approach this scenario is necessary, and YouTube must consider it carefully.

YouTube is collaborating with music labels to combat the problems associated with AI-generated music

To resolve the concerns of the composers, musicians, and other creators on YouTube, the company is collaborating with several organizations in the music industry. As per the recent information fetched from the company’s blog post, YouTube and Universal Music Group (UMG) have teamed up. UMG is the top music label across the globe.

YouTube establishes a team to resolve the problems with AI-generated music

In addition to this, YouTube has established a team of artists and musicians that will collect insights on generative AI trials and research. The team is comprised of Anitta, Juanes, Ryan Tedder, Darkchild, OneRepublic, The Estate of Frank Sinatra, Max Richter, and more. Basically, the purpose of this group is to assist YouTube in handling the matter as effectively as possible.

YouTube will also introduce some internal changes

In addition to this, the company is also working on some internal modifications to the platform. Reportedly, the company will introduce AI tools that will detect videos that break the guidelines. Furthermore, the company is improving its rights management system and upgrading the policies concerned with manipulated content. It is quite weird that the company is implying generative AI tools to identify AI-generated content. Whatever it is, at least the company is trying to resolve the concerns and issues associated with generative AI.

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