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To view almost any streaming service on a Mac, use this app.

A simple, multi-tasking browser called Friendly Streaming Browser gives Mac users the option to use just about every streaming service. Here’s the way to activate it.

The Friendly Streaming Browser, in contrast to other browsers like Safari, features a nearly universal picture-in-picture video viewer that functions with the majority of websites. Users can watch videos while scrolling through social media or making art in Photoshop while taking directions from a video tutorial.

Users can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, and transparency of video content as well as any webpage, allowing them to view the information exactly how they choose on a given platform. For instance, you might like videos with a white background that is brighter and more saturated to stand out, though not as brilliantly against a dark background.

Additionally, it is a strong native player that supports picture-in-picture playback of local videos. The supported formats are mentioned above.

  • MPEG
  • AVI
  • ASF
  • WMV
  • WMA
  • MP4
  • MOV
  • 3GP
  • OGG
  • Real
  • WAV
  • FeLV

The streaming browser is available on the Mac App Store and is simple to set up and use. You can download it and start using it. Although it requires macOS 10.13 or an updated version of that,

It’s absolutely free to download but contains some optional packages for add blocks and increasing team support chances. The tip packages available are $1.99, $4.99, and 9.99 dollars.

A menu on the left side contains the main streaming services. You can add your favorites by clicking the Add button if it’s missing. For adding a new streaming site, enter its name and URL and click Save. The shortcut will be saved by the browser in the menu, and you can access the website with just a click.

While the video is playing, you can activate picture-in-picture mode and also enlarge the video by clicking on various green buttons on the right side of the address bar.

Just like any other browser, it just works for video streaming. Any other browser extensions are not entertained on the website. You can also drop or share a link to your favorite video through messages, the airdrop option, or any other app.