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Most Streamed Shows and Movies of 2022

Just as television was the death of radio, so is the internet, the end of television today. One of the primary drivers of this trend is the rise of streaming services. There is widespread expectation web streaming will replace conventional television in only a few generations. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the streaming sector is worth several billion dollars. ExpressVPN’s blog piece on 2022 streaming trends reveals that this year was hugely successful for streaming giants that delivered many exciting movies and shows

Top Streaming Platforms


For a flat monthly rate, Netflix subscribers can watch an infinite number of episodes, movies, stand-up specials, and original series. The what’s new on Netflix guide will keep you abreast of the latest additions and removals to the streaming service so you can plan your viewing accordingly.


Amazon has an extensive audio and video content catalog. Even though Amazon doesn’t often announce subscriber tallies, over 200 million Prime members around the globe pay for Amazon each year. As a member of Amazon Prime, you have unrestricted access to Prime Video, which currently boasts 117 million subscribers across the globe.


The Walt Disney Organization, the largest media and entertainment corporation globally, has launched its subscription video-on-demand service. A mix of original and licensed content is available to subscribers. The streaming is aimed towards youngsters in particular, although not solely. There are around 130 million paying subscribers to Disney+

HBO Max 

In 2020, HBO launched its streaming service “HBO Go” in response to the growing popularity of online video consumption among consumers around the turn of the 21st century. HBO Go is now known as “HBO Max” in the United States and Europe. There are currently 85 million paying customers of HBO Max around the world.

Popular Movies & Shows

The Crown (Netflix)

The much-anticipated continuation of the critically acclaimed series about the monarchy of occasionally-beloved England is finally here, and it focuses on the latter decades of the twentieth century. Imelda Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth II, and her reactions to Charles and Diana’s troubles are essential to the plot. 

Don’t Worry Darling (HBO Max) 

It has been widely reported that the film’s star, Florence Pugh, and its director, Olivia Wilde, had a falling out because Wilde allegedly slept with the film’s star, Harry Styles. 

Nevertheless, how entertaining is the movie? Similar to the plot of Stepford Wives, this film focuses on the residents of the town of Victory, where the men are all employed on the top-secret Victory Project, and the wives are free to enjoy the town’s luxuries so long as they don’t question anything. 

The English (Prime Video) 

In this tale of vengeance set in the 1890s Old West, Lady Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt) teams up with Pawnee ex-cavalry scout Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer) to take down their adversaries. Imagine if Mary Poppins were dropped into No Country for Old Men. 

The White Lotus (HBO Max) 

Mystery-comedy writer Mike White’s award-winning series is returning for a second season. After a successful first season in Hawaii, the second will occur at a new White Lotus property in Sicily. However, many recognizable faces from the first season will return, including Stifler’s mother. 

Andor (Disney+) 

The end is near for the Star Wars saga’s most mature treatment to date (no lightsabers allowed!). This spinoff will return for at least one more season to finish telling the story of how the tragic Cassian Andor(Opens in a new window) joined the Rebel Alliance in the excellent Star Wars: Rogue One. First, you can observe how he and the other rebels deal with their current predicaments as the Empire tightens its grip.


There you have it, some of the most popular streaming services available for the movie or show lover and some of the most watched shows. You can use it to find common ground in your likes or you’re next binge-watch. Tonight, you could discover a new go-to show or movie.

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