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Elon musk says Apple has fully resumed advertising on twitter.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, declared during a two hour Twitter meeting session that Apple has completely resumed advertising on the social media platform. Musk also acknowledged Apple as Twitter’s top sponsor.

A probable conflict between Apple and Twitter was widely reported in the media just five days ago after Musk accused Apple of abhorring free-speech, making alteration requests, and stopping ad expenses. According to Musk, Apple had massively stopped running advertisements on Twitter and had also threatened to remove Twitter from App Store.

After meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook two days after making those comments, Musk ultimately changed his mind. Musk said following the meeting that Twitter had actually been the subject of a misunderstanding. Cook clearly stated that Apple never anticipated doing so when inquired about the possibility of removing Twitter from the App Store.

Musk claimed that Cook had taken him on a tour of Apple Park and that they had a great talk that reportedly resulted in Apple starting to run Twitter advertisements once more. Apple hasn’t commented on Musk’s remarks today and hasn’t confirmed that it has stopped spending money on Twitter ads. Musk tweeted to appreciate promoters for coming back to Twitter, after the Twitter Space conversation.

Apple has always been among Twitter’s top promoters and the company reportedly spends more than $100M on marketing each year.

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