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Top 10 Technologies that you can see in 2050

In this fast world of technology, we are taking part in the race with full power and new things are invented and later use to simplify their lives. So, the things that seemed impossible five years ago today have become possible and we have seen them working with our naked eyes we are also using it.

So today I’m going to tell you the technology that could become possible in 2050 and it seems impossible today while some things are likely to become available, in the coming years.

Drone Delivery

A drone will be able to deliver products in 2050. As you know drones are a very popular invention. Nowadays, the drone is used for video recording and we call it drone camera. So in the coming years, the drone will use for delivery products. It will deliver products automatically by setting GPS.

But I would like to tell you that it will not be used for delivering pizza, clothes etc. It will use for delivering packages in the hospital in an emergency situation or in a war for first aid etc.

But 2050 is too late for this technology, probably it will be started in the recent years by 2025, its worth mentioning that drone deliveries are already started in some parts of the world. DelivAir has already started this. Japan also has finalized proposal on drone deliveries. A project reported in February used disposable cardboard drones for medical supplies in San Fransisco.

Super Maglev Train

This is an advanced type of train in which you can travel throughout the world within a few minutes because its speed is 1800 miles per hour that means 3X faster than an aeroplane but the invention of this type of train is really challenging for the contemporary engineers while they are working on it maybe you can see it in the next few years but in 2050 it will be a common passengers train in established cities of the world.

Deep Learning

Google is working on many Artificial Intelligence technologies and the deep learning is one of them. In deep learning, the machine will have the ability to think like a human being, they will react like a human being they have emotions like a human being. It sounds too good to be true but it is very hard to make a machine work like a human being.

But the invention of all Artificial Intelligence A.I devices are really helpful for us if you want to know what is Artificial Intelligence? Then read this article what is Artificial Intelligence? Machine Learning.

Mars Trip

In 2030, you would be able to visit Mars Planet. Nowadays, people are visiting Bali, Paris for vacations but in the next few years they will able to visit Mars but of course, it will be very costly that means only rich people can spend their vacations on Mars. I don’t know what would be the feeling to spend a vacation on Mars. Maybe they will succeed in 2030 but in 2050 they will definitely able to visit Mars.

Prosthetics with sensation

As you know that nowadays people are using prosthetics who had lost their limbs but they have no sensation like a normal part but In the next few years engineers will be successful in developing Prosthetics with sensations which will change the lives of disabled people. Its worth mentioning that Prosthetics with sensation will work with A.I., So A.I. has to be developed at an exponential level to make it possible besides the threats A.I. development carries.

Iron Man Suit

Not Exact Iron Man suit but it will look like Iron Man Suit. In the next few years, engineers will develop a suit that will give us superpowers like people who wear that suit are safe from bullets, bombs there are many other possibilities that you can see in the near future. Basically, it will be designed to make super-soldiers in the war.

Virtual reality

This one is my favorite.

Nowadays, we are learning from books in our schools but in the next few years, virtual reality will replace books. Smart Classes are already started in many countries they are using the projectors, videos and many things but in the next few years children will learn by virtual reality for example; if kids are learning about lion then by using virtual reality they will watch them as real and by doing this, the study will be more interesting…..Sounds nice, hmm

Self Driving Cars

Before starting 2050 Self-driving cars will become very common. Nowadays, drivers are driving cars but in next few years, this invention will replace drivers. Engineers are working on it, maybe it will happen very soon. But it remains dubious, whether these self-driving cars will work on the roads in Pakistan? Traffic rules here are unprecedented even humans cannot figure out what will happen in the next couple of minutes on the road.

Self-driving efforts are already in place, large automakers such as Tesla, Audi, Nissan, General Motors, Volkswagen, Volvo and many others have already tested many phases of self-driving cars.

3D Printing

As you hear about normal printing but know developers invented an advanced printing called 3D Printing. They have done many successful experiments on 3D printing but they are trying to invent more and more advanced type of printing while they are working on 3d Food printing which is also very interesting.

Many 3D printing startups have successfully started this innovation. A startup reported in March prints a house in minutes.

Renewable energy

In the next few years, we will develop such things that will replace fossil fuels. As you know that Fossil fuels are limited and we are using them broadly so the time is near when it will vanish and they are also taking too much time to redevelop.

So at that time, we will use that invention it will convert solar energy into electrical energy by the means we are already converting solar energy into electrical energy but when all fossil fuels will vanish then, we need a huge amount of energy and we will depend only on solar energy.

So, these are some of the future facts of 2050 in fact, 2050 is just to be on the safe side but these technologies are already in progress and start appearing commercially during the next decade. As we know that technologies are faster. In the last 15 or 20 years, we were unable to think about Smartphones with the high-quality camera, and there are uncountable features and apps now.

Let see how far technology can be developed by 2050 and how it comfort our lives. So we know that everything has merits and also demerits same is the technology. You know? 5-6 years ago there were many Public phones in the market but now mobile phones are very common so in this case, technology destroys the business of Public phones.

Another example of Kodak Company is here to consider. In 1998 Kodak had 170,000 employees and they were creating 95% photo papers but when digital photography came with some other technologies of saving images and viewing them on different screens and memory cards then Kodak Company almost shut down with 170,000 employees.

When Artificial Intelligence works properly like a human being then it will replace human in many fields. So there are many advantages and countless disadvantages of the technology. Tell me what you think about new inventions in the comment section.

Thanks for giving your precious time hope you learn many new things.

Co-written with Mudassir Iftikhar

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