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Twitter Launches a New Feature ‘Threads’

Twitter has officially launched a new interesting feature called Threads. Threads is a feature that will link two or more tweets together so they get easier to read. It will ease the Twitter users to post tweetstorms. Basically, the Thread feature is for Twitter’s Tweetstorm feature.

It will enable the Twitter users to add multiple tweets to one thread. There will be ‘+’ icon available in the tweet composer. Use it to add another tweet.

The character limit for each tweet in the thread is the 280-character limit.

The aim of Twitter to add multiple tweets is to connect their thoughts and give meaning and sense to related tweets. Thus they can be posted in a sing thread at the same time now. Other than “Add another Tweet” button, another label added by Twitter is “Show this thread”. Via this user can expand the whole thread of tweets published.

The main reason for starting tweetstorm and giving an option of the thread is that the users want to share whole stories and experiences of their life on Twitter. In order to connect those journey’s, this option is viable.

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Twitter is mainly used for short meaningful posts. The posts will remain short and meaningful in a thread as well, but they can now be connected together. The character limit is same but the number of tweets about a similar topic can be posted in form of a thread. So in short Twitter wants to aid the users to share their experiences and ideas in a long-form tweet thread.

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