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Total Number of Global Developer Population has surged to Almost 19 million

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You might have been thinking sometime especially when you need a new hire which fits in your specifications but after looking for some developers if you are not satisfied you might have sighed and thought that how many developers are there? Cannot I find anyone good that I need?

This question makes write this post, there are many developers in the world and the number is growing at an unprecedented rate of 20% annually. This means if you have 1 million developers today the next year you will have 1.2 million developers worldwide. That’s is strong growth.

According to a research, “The estimated number of total developers around the globe as of 2019 is just under 19 million, there are almost 19 million software developers globally and as many as 13 million out of this number are just software professionals.”

Developers are those Information technology professionals that are involved in some spectrum of coding; the developers are the key people, intelligence brains that are transforming the world into digital. North America has a large number of developers and developer communities and Europe is just behind it, the trend is growing at the fastest rate in Asia where emerging developer countries such as India, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, China and Thailand taking the lead.

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Workers from these countries relocate themselves in countries including U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, UAE, and other regions in order to get best opportunities in their specific fields. The growing number of developers is pushing the world into digital age as we see in the Sci-Fi movies; it is not far from the reality that we are not building the blocks of that age.

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