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Tracking your Play Store downloads is about to be much more convenient.

The Google Play Store always comes up with remarkable features. With every update, the Play Store and Google Play services are more refined. The last update came with an archiving feature on the app store that proves to be quite helpful for saving storage on budget phones. Also, it allows relocating the application if needed. Google is also working on a floating app that would indicate download progress.

When downloading multiple apps, especially with a slow speed internet becomes harder to track down. Although you can easily track the download of a single app through your notification bar by staying on the app listing page or under the app management menu, tracking the download of multiple apps can be a nightmare.

9to5Google generated a report about the development of a floating pill shaped bubble to show you the progress of apps while you can search for your next download. You can also move the floating bubble wherever you want. It will show the downloading progress on the corner of the circular bubble bar. You can also dismiss it by dragging it to the bottom of the screen.

Google also announced that the feature of app archiving will be available on Android devices with the November update. It’s out and will be available soon on your devices. The archive feature will allow you to uninstall the app, and the uninstalling will not affect the data you have on that app. Whenever you reinstall the app, it will start where you left off. The feature will be quite helpful for bigger apps that don’t need access all the time.

These features may not be great for the app store as a whole, but they can really help people with low-budget smart phones by alleviating the issue of storage space. 

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