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Triangle App: Google’s Mobile Data Saving App Is Rolling out Soon

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Google is currently testing “Triangle” an App aimed at saving mobile data on android devices. The app is being tested in Philippines but it is already listed on Play Store. You may not be able to download or use the app straight away as it might be region locked.

Lot of people might be worried about using mobile data when they are on the go, out of their home or office, some apps they might be using work in the background and start consuming data during the time spent outside.

Google knows all about that and bringing you a new tools which would be available soon, Triangle app apart from saving mobile data also let you manage apps which use data in the background. It will let you block those apps, the apps has some other great control options; it would let you see the data used and data balance, also it would let you allocated the data limit on apps, you may choose 10 minutes data allowance or 30 minutes data allowance for apps.

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Triangle would even show you which apps are consuming more data and how much, Google did not mention anything yet about expanding the app to other regions.

Search engine giant is concerned more about data saving in developing countries as data costs much higher in developing countries as compared to US, UK and EU. Another fact that in developing countries major customers use prepaid data. Ran out of entire data in few days or even few hours not only affects users but also overall mobile internet usage in developing countries. Google’s already released data saving apps and tools such as; Chrome data saver and YouTube Go which allow users to save internet data. This is another easy to use and manage addition to data saving tools.

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On top of that, Google also launched new OS for various markets this year, the OS is aimed at removing the slow internet connection problems. The new OS “Android Go is specially designed to super charge smartphones with low specifications. The OS could be installed on smartphones having 512MB to 1GB of RAM.

Devices powered by the Android Go will start shipping earlier next year, said Google.

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