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TSMC: Taiwan wants to block chip supply to Russia


Spurred on by the war against Ukraine, Russia is not only threatened with sanctions in the banking sector but also important technologies that are no longer made available to Russia. The world’s largest chipmaker TSMC has now announced that it will take all measures intended to cut off the supply of chips to Russia. The Taiwanese government has not yet decided exactly how it will respond to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

Similar talks are currently taking place with international partners, especially the US, to agree on joint measures such as trade bans and embargoes. However, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and several other Taiwanese companies have already announced that they will support any form of the sanction imposed by the local government. According to the analyst Dan Nysted Russia ranks 35th in the list of the largest direct buyers of products from Taiwan.

TSMC has experience with export restrictions

TSMC explained according to Reuters that you have a strict export control system that allows you to track exactly where certain products are allowed to be delivered. The group will support all blocking measures against Russia. TSMC is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor products, producing chips from major vendors such as Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD, and MediaTek. The government of Taiwan announced today, according to the Taiwanese news agency CNA with the prospect that concrete sanctions against Russia, which should also affect the technology sector, will be implemented very shortly in consultation with the US and other countries.

Several other chip manufacturers have also pledged to comply with any export bans. It is still unclear to what extent the export of technological products such as smartphones, PCs, televisions or other devices should be restricted. It is also conceivable that the US would impose a general trade ban against Russian companies, similar to what was introduced against the Chinese company Huawei, which can no longer buy software, hardware, or components manufactured or developed using US technologies.