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Tumblr to ban sexual content on the platform from Dec 17

Tumblr nude content

Another social media platform Tumblr is getting hard on policies and announced to ban all pornographic, sexually inappropriate content on the website with effect from December 17.

It was reported earlier that the Tumblr App was pulled out of the Apple Store because of child abuse images. Tumblr announced this move after few weeks of this getting hard on the policy.

The CEO Jeff D’Onorio said in a blog post that the company always had zero tolerance policy for such content but in the meantime, it was improving the safety on the site.

According to the new community guidelines the users the users are restricted to upload any photographs that show real-life human genitals including male or female or anything that is so photorealistic so it could be thought of genuine.

However, the posts or images containing nudity that are for artistic, educational purposes and are newsworthy would be allowed and not removed from the platform. Additionally, the users will also be informed about their content is removed; they will receive notices how they can appeal for a ban and how to preserve their content outside the community.

Tumblr has responded to the incident quickly when their app was removed from Apple’s App Store because of showcasing child abuse images on the platform. The company has decided to take hardline on the abusive, nude and sexually inappropriate content.

According to the new policy, the social media giant will scan the images against the industry database which is known for child sexual abuse material and images that will be flagged would never make it to the platform.

Despite the CEO’s statement which says, Tumblr had been always following zero tolerance policy for nudity but the platform had a reputation of allowing sexually themed material on the platform which could be shared to others BBC reported. The website was also banned in Indonesia for adult content and South Korea asked the company to better moderate the content on its platform.