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TV Manufacturers Can Use Android TV and Fire TV


Until now, smart TV manufacturers have had to decide whether to equip their devices with Android TV or Fire TV. Now Google and Amazon have agreed to give companies more freedom of choice. In the future, manufacturers could therefore offer televisions with both platforms.

If you want to use the Android mobile operating system together with Google services on your devices, you have to sign a contract with the search engine group. The agreement stipulates that the manufacturers are prohibited from equipping the products with any other software. 

The ban applies not only to smartphones but also to smart TVs and other devices. TV manufacturers who want to install Android TV on their televisions are therefore not allowed to use Amazon’s Fire TV at the same time. This contractual clause is said to have now been deleted and is no longer applicable.

According to the Protocol, Google and Amazon have reached an agreement that allows Google to remove the non-competition clause from the contracts. However, it is still unclear under what conditions the agreement was reached. So far, the search engine group and the online retail company have not yet officially commented on the subject.

Since the Amazon Fire TV OS is a fork of Google’s Android operating system, it is likely that the company will continue to be critical of Fire TV devices. Google has the policy to prevent the fragmentation of the mobile operating system into different forks.