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Microsoft rolls out Instant Hotspot support for Windows 11 via your Samsung phone

Compared to iPhones, Android phones do not fit in properly with Macs.

From the perspective of Windows, Microsoft is planning something new. It is going to provide the same level of integration between Windows devices and Samsung phones. This integration will be achieved via using a Phone Link app. Thus, enabling the users to access their phone’s gallery, view notifications, text messages, or even place calls from their Windows PC.

Over the period of time, Samsung and Microsoft have made their partnership even stronger by continually adding new features to the Phone Link.

Recently, the Windows 11 25231 preview is capable of providing the capacity to turn on the hotspot on your Galaxy device. This way you could turn on the hotspot on your smartphone and connect it to your PC or laptop.

A similar strategy has been incorporated by Apple via Instant Hotspot functionality. This feature acts as a bridge between iPhones and Macs.  Similarly, Instant Tethering by Google is providing the link between Chromebooks and particular Android phones. Google is offering this service since 2017. But comparatively, Windows turn out to have a larger audience. Introducing such a feature to Windows is expected to benefit a large number of users.

The Instant Hotspot feature on Windows 11 requires the enabling of Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi on both devices i.e., Windows laptop and Galaxy smartphone. When the devices are in close vicinity, the hotspot of your smartphone will appear in the Wi-Fi network section. You can simply connect to it without the need to enter the password or manually enable the hotspot settings on your smartphone. Previously, this feature was not facilitated for Windows users. Specifically, Windows 11 laptops don’t feature built-in mobile data connectivity. Provided the recent development will enable users to use their Windows 11 laptops with much more ease.

The last thing that is important to note is that Microsoft has announced the support of an instant hotspot feature for Samsung smartphones based on the following features of both:

  • Windows PC with version 22H2 Build 22621 or higher
  • the Phone Link version v1.22082.111.0 or newly installed
  • Samsung smartphone with One UI 4.1.1

As of now, the new update is available for Windows 11 Insiders channel. We can expect the release in the coming months.

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