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Twitch Allows More Streamers To Join Ad Incentive Program With Increased Income


There will be more Twitch streamers who receive invites to the Ads Incentive program. The company is allowing to welcome “more… partners than ever”. Twitch will no longer pay streamers using a fixed CPM structure. Instead, it will use a percentage-based revenue share model in order to increase ad payments. 

The streaming service promised creators a flat monthly payout based on how many hours they streamed and how many ads they served per hour. For example, a user who streams 40 hours per month will receive $300 if they serve 3 minutes of ads each hour.

Flat payouts are designed to remove the guesswork from creators who would rather know what their monthly earnings will be. Creators will receive 55 percent of any ad revenue that is generated by this model. Twitch claims that this represents a 50-150 percent increase in the ad rate for most creators.

This rollout will bring more Partners into the fold. However, it is also meant to attract smaller streamers who can benefit from the increased revenue structure. Qualifying affiliates will be able to earn more from the 55/45 split starting in August by agreeing that they will run 3 minutes per hour of ads and activate the setting within their Ads Manager. An affiliate who opts in will also be able to stream without pre-roll ads. These ads play as soon as the stream starts for a user.

Nicole Craig

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