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Twitter Considers Removing the Like Button

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Twitter is as per reports considering to remove the Like button from the social network. The social media giant through a tweet said that it is in the early stages of considering whether or not to kill the like button, which appears as a heart icon, as part of an overall redesign of the entire platform.

As per the reports of Telegraph, the CEO—Jack Dorsey said at an event last week that he would get rid of the heart-shaped button soon.

The company is considering to remove the like button for assisting in increasing positive, healthy conversations on the platform. It is only one of the few things the firm is working on to help users have more positive conversations on the platform, though some of the features are really promising, the removal of the like button does not sound like a good idea at all.

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At the WIRED25 summit this month, Dorsey further gave details on his thoughts about the like feature saying that he was not that happy with the big like button with a heart on it.

Some observed that Twitter might get rid of the like button and in its place would stress on the “Bookmark” feature launched earlier this year.

The Bookmark would allow users to flag tweets to be added to their bookmark tab for future reading purposes.

Back in August, Dorsey said that he was experimenting with the new features on the social platform and redesigning the features, which includes the like button.

As per Telegraph, like buttons could people to get more addicted to the platform as they want external validation, according to many psychological studies.

Nothing could be said with assurance as of right now, however, a lot of changes are expected to be launched in the upcoming days.

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