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Twitter decides not to ban InfoWars and Alex Jones

Twitter not to ban infowars

A couple of days ago Facebook banned InfoWars pages and its founder Alex Jones a notorious conspiracy theorist who had a channel with millions of followers on YouTube as well. But Twitter decides not to ban Alex Jones or InfoWars on the platform because it doesn’t violate any of the Twitter’s policies.

The most popular tech giants including YouTube and Facebook banned Alex Jones on their platform for spreading fake news and hate speech and deleted his several pages and videos from their platform.

Jones in reply said the platforms had an unfair censorship of his accounts, Alex Jones radio host was well known for spreading allegations on US government and CIA for several tragic events including the big 9/11.

According to BBC, Alex Jones is being sued by three parents for defamation, because their children were killed in Sandy Hook Elementary school attack, and Alex Jones has repeatedly claimed that it was a giant hoax by the government.

Alex Jones is famous for spreading inside stories, secrets and felonies of various authorities including government, businessmen and powerful high echelon officials, many people believe his stories on the basis of rational reasoning and logical conclusions and he has a huge follower base on social media, he runs a program named “Infowars” is the most prominent show he hosts on social media, but the governments do not like it.

The CEO and co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey has explained the Twitter’s decision on Alex Jones in a series of Tweets, he said that the platform is not going to follow the footsteps of other tech platforms like Spotify, Apple, and Facebook by removing Alex Jones, InfoWars content.

Mr. Dorsey simply denied the outside pressure and said it is wrong to succumb if we follow the footsteps of others, we would rather stick to codified principals of the company’s policies. He also said it is important for journalists to form, document, validate or refute the rumors like the ones spread by Alex Jones so that people can form their own opinions.

Some Twitter users replied to CEO Tweets quite harshly, blaming the platform for not controlling the hate speech and allowing rumors and fake news on their platform by calling the explanation a “cop out”. However, a number of prominent right-wingers including Tommy Robinson were banned from Twitter in earlier months as part of a wider crackdown on hateful and abusive content on Twitter.

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