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Twitter fake accounts crackdown results in losing followers

Twitter has started a crackdown on faked locked accounts recently, celebrities around the world have lost millions of Twitter followers amid this crackdown.

Twitter has started a row of removing fake and inactive/locked accounts from its platform’s followers list in order to clean the social media platform, as a result, celebrities, political figures, and entertainers have seen a significant drop in following—BBC reported.

US famous singer Katy Perry, is the most followed celebrity on Twitter has lost around 2.5 million followers, the same thing happened to Lady Gaga, US former president Barack Obama has also lost 2.1 million followers.

Twitter said in a statement the social media giant has taken the step in order to build global trust. The effort is the part of renewed scrutiny over the fake news and the users on social media.

According to the new measures, Twitter has incorporated, any Twitter user whose account is locked for any suspicious activity such as sending huge volumes of tweets, or blocked, or any user you did not take action to verify the identity would be excluded from the Twitter follower counts.

However, the head of the legal team at Twitter, Vijaya Gadde said that most Twitter accounts will only lose around four followers due to new measures, she also warned that the most popular accounts would see an abnormal drop in following.

Twitter’s own account on the platform had to lose the most; they lost 7.7 million followers amid the crackdown.

Twitter said the recent measure was important in order to build confidence and trust among users, the follower count should reflect the real picture and people should trust the following is real.

In January, an investigation into a company was started who allegedly sold millions of fake followers to social media users, the investigation was started by the state according to Chief Prosecutor.