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China reached 772 million of Internet population in 2017: Report

According to Internet society of China, the online population of China has hit 772 million by the end of 2017, in one year; China added 40.74 million internet users which was up by 5.6 percent as compared to 2016.

China has improved its internet availability and reached 55.8 percent, China exceeds in global average by 4.1 points. The global average of internet availability is 51.7 according to the report by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) Xinhua News reported.

In rural China, the online penetration reached 209 million last year, up by 7.93 million from the previous year 2016. As much as 753 million Chinese used internet on mobile devices last year, making 97.5 percent of the online population, the report said.

There is a greater potential to grow online industry through smart devices, public services online. The poverty reduction programmes in China have created the sense of fulfillment for many Chinese, CNNIC said.

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China has the most internet users in the world followed by India having 391 million internet users, USA, Brazil, and Japan have the third, fourth and fifth largest population of internet users in their respective countries.

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