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Twitter fixes bug, security incident that was displaying private tweets to random users

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Twitter has been making several amendments to its platform. In a recent update, it has removed blue checkmarks from accounts that haven’t bought its subscription yet. Users are not allowed to use the search area of Twitter without logging in to the app. Along with that, a little change of policies appeared in this decision, and the platform will let government services continue using the Twitter API for free.

Previously, in April, a bug attacked Twitter, which caused the private tweets to show up in private Twitter circle tweets to random users under the “For You tab. After a month, Twitter announced via email that the bug had been fixed.

Twitter fixes a bug that affected Circle users

As for Twitter circles, it’s a group of close friends on Twitter similar to Instagram’s close friends feature; this feature enables you to share tweets in that specific circle. You can have a public account on Twitter, yet you can share privately with your close friends.

As with the bug that attacked previously in April, these tweets from the Twitter circle were being displayed to users that weren’t part of that circle. Moreover, they were being displayed to those who weren’t even following the account.

The company confirmed to users via tweet that this issue has been fixed and they’re again able to tweet privately within their circle, and tweets will remain within that circle. The issue has been identified and fixed, stated the tweet.

With these bug fixes, some users are seeing tweets from private accounts that they’re not following. There were several changes made to the For You tab that showed users more tweets from unfollowed and non-subscribed accounts. This update has changed the way Twitter works.

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