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Twitter removes legacy Blue checkmarks as Twitter Blue goes global

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Today, Twitter made two significant announcements. First off, Twitter Blue’s premium subscription service is now accessible everywhere. Anyone can purchase a blue tick next to their handle and other features from the company. Second, as of April 1, the social network will no longer display legacy verified checkmarks. they won’t be displayed until or unless users sign up for Twitter Blue. Thus, indicating that accounts that were verified before Elon Musk took over the firm will lose their blue checkmarks.

Both these changes were anticipated for quite a long. Since the acquisition of the social media platform by Elon Musk in late October 2022 it was clarified that the company will abandon the existing account verification system. The verification system was changed with the blue tick as part of Twitter Blue.

Prior to removing the legacy blue ticks, the initial phase of the strategy called for making Twitter Blue accessible to everyone. The company has swiftly expanded the subscription system in recent months, and in January 2023, it was finally made available for Android. The service is now offered worldwide. “Twitter Blue is now accessible everywhere! The Twitter Blue account tweeted on Thursday afternoon.” Some of the benefits associated with this new feature are:

  • the blue checkmark
  • prioritized ranking in discussions
  • half advertisements
  • lengthy Tweets
  • Bookmark Folders
  • custom navigation
  • Edit Tweet, Undo Tweet, and more.

Twitter will start removing legacy blue checkmarks from April 1st

The new subscription service is now available on a global scale. The second part of the company’s strategy is now going to begin. From April 1st, the company is going to remove legacy blue checkmarks. Well, the company is actually forcing users to subscribe for a Twitter Blue subscription to keep the blue tick.

The company has introduced two different checkmarks. They are a blue checkmark and a grey checkmark. Blue checkmarks will be available to normal users who verify their identity with a phone number. Whereas the grey checkmark is specified for governmental and organizational accounts. The subscription plan for Twitter Blue costs $8 a month ($11 a month if you subscribe via the Android or iOS app).

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