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Twitter has begun to display view counts for tweets.

As mentioned by Elon Musk a month ago, Twitter will start displaying the view count on tweets. The feature has now been rolled out, and you can see the view count for your tweets on the left side of the analytical bar.

Twitter has begun to provide tweet view counts.

According to information from The Verge, the feature is available on Twitter, but it’s not being displayed for everyone yet. We can’t yet predict if the company is only testing the feature for now. Maybe it’s taking its time to roll out for everyone.

The feature has been available for a while, but it hasn’t brought any changes regarding the display of the platform. The feature is quite easy to view. You don’t have to search the settings for it; you can see it displayed on the left corner of the analytical bar.

By clicking on “tweet analytics,” you can view further information regarding your tweet. The feature can provide information about impressions, engagements, profile visits, and more. Bringing the feature to the front of the line can be extremely beneficial for someone looking for insights into their profiles.

The latest feature is making Twitter more cluttered.

As per my observation, Twitter users are complaining about the position of the feature display. The feature is causing problems with the previous configuration. However, we cannot predict that it will be that useful yet.

The information isn’t quite useful for a normal Twitter user, and it’s only messing up their feed. The plan isn’t that clear yet. We haven’t had any info about the topic yet; either the feature will remain the same or it will be further modified.

As in some recent events, we have seen a poll on Elon Musk’s official account regarding remaining the CEO of Twitter. Rumors say that he is finding a new CEO for Twitter. Twitter users have not reacted negatively to the idea, so he is now looking for a new job as Twitter’s CEO.

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