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Twitter is all set to get rid of inactive accounts

Yesterday, Elon Musk announced that Twitter will soon get rid of inactive accounts. Well, there are a number of inactive and unused accounts on the social media platform. By purging the abandoned accounts, the social media platform will have several free-up abandoned handles.

Like the majority of recent Twitter adjustments, this one has a clear connection to Elon Musk’s communication with the public. Due to inactivity on the account, the billionaire recently threatened to reassign NPR’s social media name. NPR stopped using Twitter after it was classified as “state-affiliated media.” Only a month after the entity departed Twitter, Elon Musk threatened to transfer it because of inactivity.

Twitter will purge inactive accounts

Well, the recent advancement is not limited to NPR it will be equally implied to other accounts as well. The CEO has himself tweeted about the recent development. Musk has not detailed the specifics of this change. He mentioned several years in his tweet but there is no indication as to how many years he is referring. Furthermore, there is no clue whether the company will notify the potential accounts before purging them or not.

One thing to notice here is that the inactive accounts won’t be deleted rather they will be archived. Thus, if an account gets purged users can retrieve it. There are no specific details yet but things will eventually become clear with time.

Elon did not realize that the recent development would likely result in a decline in users’ follower count. While Twitter’s decision to delete dormant accounts may not be good for those who wish to keep them, it may be a comfort for those who have a number of accounts they no longer need.

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